Optiniai padėkliukai

Optiniai padėkliukai

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Diameter/dimensional tolerances +0/-0.1 mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm
Clear aperture >90%
Surface quality 20-10 S-D (BK7, UVFS)
40-20 S-D (ZnSe, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2)
10-5 S-D (available for some items)
Surface Flatness <λ/10 - λ/[email protected] nm (BK7, UVFS)
<λ/4 - λ/[email protected] nm (ZnSe, S apphire, CaF2,MgF2)
Protective chamfers <0.25 mm x 45°
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Our standard substrates have laser grade polishing on both surfaces. These substrates are ideal for transmission applications such as beamsplitters, windows, partially reflecting mirrors etc.
Laser components require highly polished substrates as well as high performance coatings. Scattering, damage by laser light can occur if the substrate is made of inferior material or is inadequately polished. For UV and very high power applications we recommend using UVFS substrates. BK7 substrates are an economical solution for laser components used in many laboratory applications as well as in many devices and instruments.
Under customer request dielectric or metallic coatings can applied.
varna Ideal for transmitting applications such as beamsplitters, windows, partial reflecting mirrors etc.
varna UVFS substrates are recommended for the UV and very high energy applications
varna Windows up to 500mm diameter are available

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Dimensions, mm Material Parallelism error Surface flatness @ 633 nm Delivery Product ID / Drawings Price Action
Ø12.7x6 IRFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-3-0127-6 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 IRFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-3-0254-3 Request REQ
Ø25.4x5 BK7 3 deg ± 5 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-3254-5 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 ZnSe <1 arcmin <λ/2 Request 1-OS-4-0254-3 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 UVFS 3 deg ± 5 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-3254-3 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 Sapphire <1 arcmin <λ/2 Request 1-OS-7-0254-3 Request REQ
20x40x5 UVFS <20 arcsec <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-2040-5 Request REQ
20x60x2 UVFS <20 arcsec Request 1-OS-2-2060-2 Request REQ
Ø50.8x8 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8/inch Request 1-OS-1-0508-8 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0254-3 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 UVFS 1 deg ± 5 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-1254-3 Request REQ
Ø50.8x6 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8/inch Request 1-OS-2-0508-6 Request REQ
20x60x5 UVFS 1 deg ± 5 arcmin (arrow indicates non-wedged surface) <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-2060-5 Request REQ
Ø12.7x6 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0127-6 Request REQ
10x20x5 UVFS <20 arcsec <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-1020-5 Request REQ
Ø76.2x8 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8/inch Request 1-OS-1-0762-8 Request REQ
Ø76.2x6 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8/inch Request 1-OS-2-0762-6 Request REQ
30x30x5 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-3030-5 Request REQ
Ø12.7x3 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0127-3 Request REQ
Ø12.5x5 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0125-5 Request REQ
Ø25.4x5 BK7 1 deg ± 5 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-1254-5 Request REQ
Ø30x5 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0300-5 Request REQ
Ø30x6 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0300-6 Request REQ
Ø38.1x5 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0381-5 Request REQ
Ø12.7x5 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0127-5 Request REQ
Ø25.4x5 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0254-5 Request REQ
Ø12.7x2 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0127-2 Request REQ
Ø25.4x6 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0254-6 Request REQ
Ø38.1x5 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0381-5 Request REQ
Ø12.7x3 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0127-3 Request REQ
Ø12.7x6 UVFS <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-0127-6 Request REQ
Ø12.7x5 UVFS 30 arcmin ± 5 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-2-1127-5 Request REQ
Ø25.4x3 BK7 <1 arcmin <λ/8 Request 1-OS-1-0254-3 Request REQ

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