Beam shaping unit BSU-6000

Beam shaping unit BSU-6000

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Beam Shaping Unit is intended to be applied in laser systems for micromachining applications to create round or square laser spots with uniform intensity distribution. The BSU-6000 is developed to operate in combination with customer’s scanning optics and is based on refractive field mapping beam shaper piShaper. Output of the piShaper is imaged onto a workpiece by imaging optical system composed from an internal collimator and external lens, for example F-theta lens of the customer’s equipment.

Requirements for the laser anoptical scheme

Wavelength: 257-2050 nm
Average power: up to 200W CW
Pulse duration: ns, ps, fs
Mode structure: TEM00or multimode
Intensity distribution: Gaussian or similar

Requirements for the scanner

Input aperture diameter: >14 mm
Distance from BSU-6000: <500 mm
focal length of F-Theta lens:  60, 100 mm


Input beam diameter: 6.3-6.4 mm
Optical axis height (from bottom): 50 mm
Focal length of internal collimator: 6000 mm
Beam shaper model: piShaper 6_6 (unit type dependent)
Spot shape: Depends on aperture shape
Spot size: - depends on magnification of the composed imaging system being defined as ratio of focal lengths of F-Theta lens and internal collimator-variable in case of Iris diaphragm

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